Non-Qualified Mortgages

Non-QM loans allow borrowers that otherwise wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage to be eligible for a home loan. Better Lending may have the perfect loan program for you!

Understanding Non-Qualified Mortgages (Non-QM)

When a loan doesn’t meet the standards of a qualified mortgage, it’s called a Non-Qualified Mortgage or Non-QM. The loan utilizes non-traditional methods of income verification to help borrowers get approved for a home loan. These types of loans are designed for borrowers with unique income qualifying circumstances, such as having a low credit score, high debt-to-income ratio or variable income that precludes a traditional mortgage. If you find yourself in this category, a nonqualified loan may be a viable option for you.

Who Can Benefit from a Non-QM Loan?

Non-QM loans are designed for individuals who may have non-traditional income sources, are self-employed, or have faced issues qualifying for a QM loan due to past credit problems. These loans provide underwriting guidelines that allow the lender to take a broader view of your financial history and assess your ability to repay in a more flexible manner than traditional loans.

You may find a Non-QM loan beneficial if you are any of the below:

  • Self-employed borrower
  • Real estate investor (DSCR)
  • Foreign national
  • Borrowers with significant assets
  • Medical professional

A non-QM loan may be used for new home purchases, refinances, investment homes, or second homes. We have many loan products that can fit your specific and individual needs. Let’s talk about our two most popular Non-QM products we have. Self-Employed & Real Estate Investment loans: DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio).


Self-employed individuals often face unique challenges when it comes to obtaining mortgages, especially if their income documentation doesn’t fit the standard criteria of qualified mortgages (QM). In such cases, non-qualified mortgages (Non-QM) can be a solution.

For self-employed individuals seeking a mortgage, Non-QM lenders may consider alternative documentation methods to assess income, such as bank statements, profit and loss statements, or other financial records. These lenders are typically more flexible in their underwriting process, allowing borrowers to demonstrate their ability to repay the loan based on their unique financial situation.

It’s important to note that Non-QM mortgages may come with higher interest rates and different terms than traditional mortgages. Borrowers should carefully consider their financial situation and work with a knowledgeable mortgage advisor to find a solution that meets their needs.

If you’re self-employed and looking for a mortgage, it’s advisable to consult with a mortgage professional who specializes in Non-QM loans to explore the options available based on your specific circumstances.


Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is a financial metric commonly used in real estate and investment to assess a borrower’s ability to cover their debt obligations with their net operating income. When it comes to investor loans, especially in the context of commercial real estate or rental properties, DSCR becomes crucial.

Investor loans with a focus on DSCR are often used for income-generating properties. The lender evaluates the property’s ability to generate enough income to cover the mortgage payments. A DSCR greater than 1 indicates that the property’s income is sufficient to cover its debt obligations.

These types of loans are typically sought by real estate investors looking to finance properties that will generate rental income. Lenders may consider not only the borrower’s creditworthiness but also the property’s income potential and the DSCR as part of their underwriting process.

Investor loans with a DSCR emphasis may fall into the category of non-qualified mortgages (Non-QM) because they might not strictly adhere to the standard criteria set by government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) for qualified mortgages (QM). Non-QM loans often provide flexibility in underwriting, allowing for a more individualized assessment of a borrower’s financial situation and the property’s income potential.

This offer is made by Better Lending who is not an agency of the federal government, nor affiliated with your current lender. The loan information used in connection with this offer was derived from the credit bureaus (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax). This is not a commitment to make a loan.

*This is not a guaranteed offer, but an advertisement to lend. To qualify you will need to provide criteria including an acceptable property appraisal, and sufficient property collateral, as well as verification of personal income, sufficient credit history and clean property title. Not all programs are applicable to all borrowers and rates are subject to change at any time based on market conditions and borrower eligibility. This is not a commitment to lend. Nothing herein shall be construed as an offer to lend nor a commitment to lend, the above statements are examples of possible scenarios.

** Better Lending is not a government agency or affiliated with a government agency.

***All above interest rate scenarios assume a rate and term of refinance single family detached, owner-occupied residence with, credit score above 740, $300,000 loan amount, Loan-to-value ratio of 75 percent or less. $1495.00 for processing and underwriting fees, two discount points as of notice date, and the establishment of an escrow account. All the above rates and savings estimated are examples consistent with the prior description.

ⁱ Interest rate and payment scenario listed contains closing costs

⁺ Up to $500 credit applied as a lender credit towards appraisal at time of closing


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