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Rob Lewis

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Rob Lewis, a US veteran, and his team are more than just mortgage lenders and have access to a wide range of lending options. Rob has been in the mortgage industry since 1992 serving as a loan processor, mortgage underwriter, loan officer and Regional Mortgage Manager for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Key Areas of Expertise

Rob is an expert in loan structuring to meet your financial needs and has won multiple awards in customer service. Rob is noted as a trusted advisor for home-buying, investment, or refinancing needs. Rob is truly devoted to serving clients with the highest standards of diligence and care. With his expertise, you can expect a worry-free mortgage experience and rates that are just right for your financial situation. Rob and his team are committed to making your journey to homeownership or investing more affordable, faster, and hassle-free. Trust them to guide you through the process, while saving you both time and money. Rob believes in second to none service and he is ready and prepared to serve you.

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